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Just a Minute from my Monday…

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So this week is shaping up to be a good one!

This week I am…

Working on… learning Chinese (always!!), planning Summer camps, collecting volunteer profiles, making pom poms and trying to work out a good routine for Miss Summer!

Reading… Baby-led Weaning by Gill Rapley and Tracey Murkett, the future looks kinda messy!

Listening to…. Summer’s sweet coos and a mixture of Praise Baby and Frozen, I’m addicted.

Eating… pancakes and blueberries for dinner oh and hob nobs…WE FOUND HOB NOBS!!!yay!

Watching… the sun set outside our window.

Loving… the weather right now, waking up to a smiling little one, Summer’s chubby leg rolls, seeing the kids from KOH again and the fact that there is only 2 weeks and 2 days until Nana T comes to visit!

Happy Monday x

Photos from Instagram 1. our border walk to work 2. celebrating 100 days of Summer 3. our Tuesdays look like this 4. the view from our living room (not bad huh!?) 5. play dates with XiXi


Happy Father’s Day

fathersday7 fathersday8So this weekend was good! We celebrated. We picnicked. We hung out together.fathersday2 fathersday3I’m already a little excited to have fridges covered in little ones art; Summer’s first card!fathersday4Happy first Father’s Day to the funnest, sweetest and most loving Dad! I always knew Phil would be the best Daddy, I knew he would be the type to give belly snorts and throw them in the air until our babies laughed and giggled and cooed! But seeing it in action, right now is something else. We love you Phil Adams. Thank you for all you do for us. I’m so excited to be on this adventure with you by my side.


P.S This is what happens when Miss Summer stays up late with Daddy…pretty cute! huh!?





Turkish Delight

Well it’s good be back! We are finally unpacked and settled into our home with our precious sidekick. It feels good. Before arriving in China, we decided to break up our flights and spend a few days in Istanbul, resting, recharging and reflecting on the past few months.

Istanbul was really beautiful. Beautiful weather, beautiful landscapes and beautiful, friendly people. It was like no other place we have ever been with cobbled streets full of history and spectacular mosques everywhere. Each morning we woke to the call of prayer, Phil went to get breakfast and the three of us enjoyed coffee and croissants in the warm breeze (sounds great, right!?). When Phil and I do a break we do just that and this time we really enjoyed having Summer with us (scroll down to read more about that!). During the day we used the tram and walked a whole bunch, stopping for lots of apple teas and baklavas (please do not go Istanbul and not try these…Aaa-MAZING!!). Thanks for the memories Istanbul.
rooftop1dayone4dayone14rooftop rooftop4dayone3 dayone2 dayone9lunch1 dayone10 dayone1 Sofia Sofia1 Sofia4Sofia5 tea summer3summer2 dayone11 streets2 streets1 cat longday lastnightblankets


Side note: Traveling with Summer was actually a delight, making airports a little easier, she helped us skip a few queues and make some friends along the way but here’s a few tips we learned, traveling with a baby:

1. Be flexible!!!!! and take it easy (suits me ;) )
2. Travel through the night. Summer left Istanbul and woke up in Beijing! yay! We flew Turkish airlines and they were wonderful, providing great service and a bassinet for Summer.
3. Feeding during take-off and landing are recommended for sucking and swallowing while the plane changes pressure, also puts everyone right to sleep.
4. I would suggest packing light…since we did the exact opposite and that was tricky!
5. Take a stroller; ours was put to the test with all those hilly cobbled streets but provided shade and a place to nap along the way. Also the wrap was super useful for night time.
6. Travel at off season and at cooler times of the year. Turkey gets HOT but was just nice in May.
7. If possible get a room with a view/ balcony…means you can enjoy a few evenings in with take away. win-win.
8. Oh and one thing I couldn’t live without; milton sterilizer tablets (oh how times have changed!)


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