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9 months

Well my little reindeer turned 9 months a few weeks ago but since this morning she decided to start crawling around our bedroom I decided to snap some pictures just to remember today. freezing cold. sleety snow. runny noses and all.

crawling4 crawlingsleepingreindeers

To Miss Summer Faith: things you do & love

can stand up in your cot (almost gave us a heart attack one morning!)
make yourself giggle
flap those arms
LOVE wheaten bread and Nana’s stew (and all food really)!
adopted some late night habits (ooops!)
play peek-a-boo
have the best gummy smile around
love story time, and flicking those pages
giggle at your reflection in the mirror
love bouncing up and down
love being upside down :/
love holding the TV remotes
have a ticklish neck
…and as of today crawl!!!

(a very proud Mama moment).

‘With each new day and careful appreciation, I get to open my gift that is motherhood…’ so true A. Watters!


It’s Beginning to feel like Christmas

trees3 trees6 trees7trees2

This morning has been a slow drip of a day so far. A real gem. I’d say Saturdays are pretty good if you’re still in your pjs by 12 ;)   Summer has been playing contently with her basket of books for a solid hour, every now and again looking over with the sweetest giggle and twinkle in her eyes!! SO CUTE.

Finally it’s beginning to feel like Christmas and this week we started our 12 Dates of Christmas tradition…which you can read about here and see a few from last here, here or here. One of the things Phil and I have tried to do more around the Christmas season is spend some quality time together, it all started in China without family and friends…no Christmas parties or work dinners or running around buying presents for everyone just the simple joy of having each other. It takes a little bit of work since it’s such a busy time of year wherever you are and we haven’t always quite made the 12 but it’s worth a try!!

It can be anything from grabbing a Christmassy coffee together, dancing around the tree or wrapping up and taking a walk in the (fingers crossed!) snow… so on our second date this year we went out to pick Nana and Papa’s tree…we headed to Greenmount Christmas tree farm with Summer to pick her very first!! I have a feeling this Christmas is going to be different, even more special because we got our Christmas gift early this year with little Summer.


Handmade Holiday

christmasdecorationschristmasdecorations2 christmasdecorations4 christmasdecorations6. So this year I’ve decided to try and make some of our Christmas gifts…hopefully making it a Christmas to remember and giving family and friends something a little more personal and meaningful! I guess we’re feeling extra thankful for being home this year.

I started with some salt-dough Christmas tree decorations, you seriously can’t go wrong with these, super easy and pretty inexpensive too, if you’re interested the instructions are below:)

Salt-dough recipe

1 cup of salt
1 cup of plain flour
1/2 cup of water

step one: mix the salt and flour together. Gradually add the water to a consistency like play dough (add more flour if too sticky and more water if too stiff).

step two: knead really well for about 5 minutes.

step three: roll out salt dough on a floured or nonstick surface. Use cookie cutters or cut out any shape you like. I kept it simple with hearts and stars and a few of Summer’s little hand-prints and footprints too.

step four: use a straw to make a hole if you wish to hang your decorations. I also used a personalized cookie stamp kit from StompStamps to write a few messages. Remember to slot them in reverse (I always tested it out first!).

step five: cook in a low heated oven for about 2-3 hours.

step six: You can paint away…l went for a white gloss and after spraying a few coats left to dry for 24 hours.

Summer and I enjoyed getting festive, drinking some coffee (or milk!) and crafting away but I’m sure this would be a good one for older kids or you Stranny Grannies out there ;)

enjoy Rx


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