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Dreaming of Spring

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“It’s Spring time” they said but this week it snowed…again! Hopefully it won’t be around for long cause’ Summer and I have plans to hit the park a little more often… :)

Getting snowed in on Monday did however give me the chance to upload some pics of this past weekend with the parents! It was super lovely to have them here for a few days, Summer got plenty of Nana and Papa cuddles and we must have walked Michigan Avenue at least once a day, right Mum!? We even checked out the Garfield Park Conservatory just to get warmed up and see some Spring! It is nearly April you see and we can’t quite see you but you must almost be here. Come on Spring you can do it!!! Pretty please!!


365 Days of Summer

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Yesterday our first little arrow turned one (like for real this time!).

I don’t know how this year flew by so quickly. I remember Summer’s arrival like it was yesterday! And yet so much has happened since then and February 25th is here and gone and our baby is ONE. We’ve been Mama and Dada for a whole year now! WOW and look…she’s still breathing! and healthy! and super happy! and oh my so so beautiful.

Dear sweet Summer, thank you for bringing so much joy into this family of ours, your first year has been one beautiful, scary, challenging adventure and you have been amazzzzz-ing. From Ireland to China, to America and a few other countries in-between. You’ve taught me so much already, new things about myself, about my Saviour and the things that matter most. I’m so thankful, privileged I get to spend my days by your side and watch you grow into that sweet little girl I see.

With all our love. Happy Birthday baby girl! x

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