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To the Beach

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We figured a little get away at the end of our Summer would be most rewarding for us as a family. And it really was. We just got back from a few days at the beach, where we got to play in the sand, swim every morning in the salty sea and enjoy a great ice-cream or two. The weather was kinda perfect. Summer helped her Daddy dig and build castles with that little red shovel and we went through just a few cans of sun spray! It was super fun watching Summer experience her first beach holiday! My 17 months is such a fun stage, Summer’s learning new things all the time and chatting away as sweet toddlers do…

As we got back to Chicago I felt a real sense of gratitude. Feeling at home refreshed and recharged for another semester ahead. It was good to get away and it was good to be home.


An evening at the Beach

These Summer nights have been so beautiful in Chicago, staying up late with Nanny and Granda, eating lots of ice cream, playing in the sand…all the good stuff! This was us on our last evening with Phil’s parents, walking along that Lake until dark, soaking in every last drop of precious moments with family. We sure do love summertime in the city!


…and we sure do love that face!!!

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