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365 Days of Summer

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Yesterday our first little arrow turned one (like for real this time!).

I don’t know how this year flew by so quickly. I remember Summer’s arrival like it was yesterday! And yet so much has happened since then and February 25th is here and gone and our baby is ONE. We’ve been Mama and Dada for a whole year now! WOW and look…she’s still breathing! and healthy! and super happy! and oh my so so beautiful.

Dear sweet Summer, thank you for bringing so much joy into this family of ours, your first year has been one beautiful, scary, challenging adventure and you have been amazzzzz-ing. From Ireland to China, to America and a few other countries in-between. You’ve taught me so much already, new things about myself, about my Saviour and the things that matter most. I’m so thankful, privileged I get to spend my days by your side and watch you grow into that sweet little girl I see.

With all our love. Happy Birthday baby girl! x


Lately in Photos

hertiage saturday coffeehancock zzzz chinatownmagnificentmile hancock2home washingtonpark

  1. Heritage Coffee.
  2. Walking on Lake Michigan.
  3. Breakfast.
  4. Being a tourist at the John Hancock Centre.
  5. Catching some zzzzzzzz’s.
  6. China town, missing our people.
  7. Peek-a-boo on the Magnificent Mile.
  8. The view from the 94th floor.
  9. Nesting in our new home.
  10. Strolling through Washington Square Park.

A little Bunny’s First Birthday

I can’t believe Miss Summer turns one next month…ONE, how is that possible!!? We had the best time celebrating our little girl (a little early;) before we set sail, surrounded by family and friends! We went for a Peter Rabbit theme for the party as Summer is already a big book fan and the Maryville Tearooms was perfect with a touch of vintage decor! I got out our old jars and photo frames, bought some flowers, scattered a few photos and voila’! The Nanny’s baked cakes and made bunny shortbread and the cousins ate their weight in bunny tails (a.k.a marshmallows)! Summer loved every minute of it (well apart from the hat her Mum made her wear!). If only she’d remember! Thankfully we were able to capture some pretty sweet moments. Thanks to everyone who came with all their lovely gifts and made it so special.

birthday2birthdaybirthday25 birthday4birthday9 birthday7 birthday8 birthday12birthday26 birthday15 birthday13 birthday11birthday24 birthday20birthday23 birthday27birthday30Happy (early) first birthday little one!x



HELLO from the Windy City!! Thought I would try and update you with a few snaps from my phone of our first week in Chicago, a birthday celebration and the new pad! We are finally settling into routine this week, I’m determined to master the laundry room with my quarters TODAY (the pile of laundry is getting a little ridiculous…even for my standards!) and Phil has now finished orientation and begins classes tomorrow. So it’s a happy Monday from us!

chicagochicago1Nearly froze trying to take this picture… just in the neighborhood!


Our city view…chicago3Where I think you might find us until March…hibernating!chicago4chicago7 chicago6 chicago8On Friday I celebrated a birthday and had such a wonderful day! Phil had classes in the afternoon but it was nice to step away from the craziness of moving, go exploring and just enjoy some family time. Also anywhere with Magnolia cupcakes is just fine with me:) chicago12 chicago9Poor Summer has had quite the dose on her, so I’m thankful to see that wee smile of hers again.  chicago10

Phil… always the optimist! chicago11(and the little munchkin after her eight hour flight…always the trooper!!).

p.s thanks to everyone for the sweet birthday messages too! 26 feels good so far! x

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