12 Dates of Christmas 4…5…6…and 7

It’s hard to believe it’s already December 28th…Christmas 2013 is over and we’ve been in Ireland for a week now! We tried to cram in as many Christmassy traditions as we could but with final classes, packing, flying home and a cold there just wasn’t enough days in the week!! Yet this time of year has been the best reminder of the things I have to be thankful for. A roof over my head and food on the table. Friends who pop in, just to talk and catch up. I’m thankful for family and a husband who continuously go above and beyond to make me feel loved and supported. And most of all on Christmas – that our Saviour was born.  A light to light up the world! I am blessed. So beyond blessed.

Here are a few of our dates before flying home…

date4 Date four: hot chocolate and a movie in front of that wee tree in that wee apartment in China…seems like a million miles away from here!!pancakespancakes2Date five: snow on the ground and pancakes for breakfast with some yummy over priced strawberries from the market;)date6 Date six: Last minute Christmas shopping and a photo booth pic to celebrate a 30 week bump!date7Date seven: Last night in China with awesome jiaozi and some exciting plans ahead!!

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! Let the count down to the new year begin…Rx