33 weeks

coffee babyadams05 babyadams01 babyadams02 babyadams06 babyadams07 babyadams08 babyadams04
Currently enjoying Special K cereal and Ben and Jerry’s…but think this has all to do with Texaco around the corner and not weird cravings!!

Feels like baby Adams kicks a bajillion times each hour, which is kinda fun.

Talking baby names with Phil…and starting to fill in that baby book.

Finding a comfortable sleeping position at night has become a little more tricky.

The rest of January and February look mental. We are super busy.

Also, my bladder is now the size of a peanut.

The hospital bag is nearly packed. The countdown is ON. 37 more days until our due date…

and I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited.

The wonderful Janine Walker took these photos for us a few weeks ago in Belfast. Ones I will always treasure. You can see her full blog post here.