9 months

Well my little reindeer turned 9 months a few weeks ago but since this morning she decided to start crawling around our bedroom I decided to snap some pictures just to remember today. freezing cold. sleety snow. runny noses and all.

crawling4 crawlingsleepingreindeers

To Miss Summer Faith: things you do & love

can stand up in your cot (almost gave us a heart attack one morning!)
make yourself giggle
flap those arms
LOVE wheaten bread and Nana’s stew (and all food really)!
adopted some late night habits (ooops!)
play peek-a-boo
have the best gummy smile around
love story time, and flicking those pages
giggle at your reflection in the mirror
love bouncing up and down
love being upside down :/
love holding the TV remotes
have a ticklish neck
…and as of today crawl!!!

(a very proud Mama moment).

‘With each new day and careful appreciation, I get to open my gift that is motherhood…’ so true A. Watters!