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It’s still May 11th over here so get ready for an overload of photos cause’ our sweet baby girl just turned T-W-O!

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To our Norah Joy…our Boss baby, lover of little ‘George’, ‘MALK’ (milk) and ‘finkle, finkle, little star’! You are quite simply adored. All day long we kept singing and whispering Happy Birthday to you… you knew it was your day and grinned each time!! The late night scrolling through photos on the eve of a birthday also happened again :) and it just made me so, so thankful to call you two girls ours…and so, so excited to meet this little brother of yours.

Happy Birthday Norah Joy. You are loved. We can’t wait to see what this next year has in store for you!!xx


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Summer Faith. Age 4. Always happiest with a pink sprinkled cupcake or donut in hand!

To the sunshine girl who has our heart, had such a fun weekend sprinkling you with some extra birthday love!! Love that I get to be your Mama, as your Dad and I get to experience all these parenting firsts with you!!! A few pics taken at your fourth birthday party with little friends and lots of love. Wow, you’re getting SO big!!


2017 Year in Review

What a fun year 2017 was! Was good to reflect and to collect some of my favorite images from the year, this morning…only a month later than planned!! Yet, so, so thankful for all these beautiful faces who have supported me on this creative journey, loved capturing and celebrating your special moments!

I’m not sure what the next year will look like for my photography…it may look something similar or something new all together! 2018, I’m excited to see what you have in store for us all!!! Thanks for following along. Rx

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