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So it happened our baby turned T-W-O. I can hardly believe it’s been two years since you entered our world little one. The night before your birthday your Daddy and I went into your room to give you a cuddle and tuck you in one last time as a one-year old…seriously hormonal pregnant lady crying might have happened too!

Summer Faith you’ve changed our world forever and I’m already such a proud Momma of the little person you are becoming. There were so many firsts for us this past year – your first steps, your first little conversation, your first tantrum in Target (!), your first big girl bed…so much growing and experiencing! So full of life and love.

You and your little sister are such gifts and I’m just thankful I get to be y-o-u-r Mum. Of course to celebrate, I’ve spent far too long scrolling through hard drives of memories and watching video clips of your first two years with us. Happy, happy Birthday sweet girl!x



365 Days of Summer

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Yesterday our first little arrow turned one (like for real this time!).

I don’t know how this year flew by so quickly. I remember Summer’s arrival like it was yesterday! And yet so much has happened since then and February 25th is here and gone and our baby is ONE. We’ve been Mama and Dada for a whole year now! WOW and look…she’s still breathing! and healthy! and super happy! and oh my so so beautiful.

Dear sweet Summer, thank you for bringing so much joy into this family of ours, your first year has been one beautiful, scary, challenging adventure and you have been amazzzzz-ing. From Ireland to China, to America and a few other countries in-between. You’ve taught me so much already, new things about myself, about my Saviour and the things that matter most. I’m so thankful, privileged I get to spend my days by your side and watch you grow into that sweet little girl I see.

With all our love. Happy Birthday baby girl! x


9 months

Well my little reindeer turned 9 months a few weeks ago but since this morning she decided to start crawling around our bedroom I decided to snap some pictures just to remember today. freezing cold. sleety snow. runny noses and all.

crawling4 crawlingsleepingreindeers

To Miss Summer Faith: things you do & love

can stand up in your cot (almost gave us a heart attack one morning!)
make yourself giggle
flap those arms
LOVE wheaten bread and Nana’s stew (and all food really)!
adopted some late night habits (ooops!)
play peek-a-boo
have the best gummy smile around
love story time, and flicking those pages
giggle at your reflection in the mirror
love bouncing up and down
love being upside down :/
love holding the TV remotes
have a ticklish neck
…and as of today crawl!!!

(a very proud Mama moment).

‘With each new day and careful appreciation, I get to open my gift that is motherhood…’ so true A. Watters!

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