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Shoulder to Shoulder

breakfastdinner coffee philstudy hongchadatenight This weekend we had the opportunity of traveling to a nearby city and attending a marriage conference for two nights. We had pizza, a Starbucks and were able to squeeze in a trip to H&M (happy me!). Most importantly it was wonderful to meet and fellowship with others, sit under some insightful teaching and spend some time resting and reflecting on the last year of our lives. It has been quite the journey for us so far but I can honestly say I have such respect and admiration for that husband of mine.

Some of the things we discussed…

Marriage is when we are no longer a part from each other, but when we are the rest of each other.

It is when we make each others destiny more important than our own.

Marriage is building a structure that will last forever. A structure that is not built on a foundation that comes from within our selves, but from a foundation that is Christ.

Marriage is conquering the mountains of life together… shoulder to shoulder, fighting the battle, buckled together.

It is a celebration. A gift of growth.

It is a living breathing illustration of Jesus’s love for his bride.

Marriage is sharing in God’s grace together.

Marriage for me is being thankful for a man who wants more than a relationship centered around us but a relationship centered on grace.


Saturday Pancakes

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Whipping up pancakes together in our tiny, unheated kitchen, listening to music and chatting about our weeks…it’s moments spent like this that make me feel pretty darn blessed.

p.s Phil captured Le Le’s CRAZY ‘quit fooling around and take me for a walk’ face perfectly here!! A face only a mother could love…oh and us!


A Saturdate

coffee9 coffeecoffee4 coffee1 coffee7coffee13

We grabed our laptops and a taxi, me and him, to catch up on emails, reading and get breakfast, to the only place serving coffee and waffles. Caffe Bene (think Korean Starbucks!) has not long arrived in this city and we are a little excited!

It’s 10 am, coffee drinkers are situated, and a mixture of Chinese songs and Avril Lavigne circa 2004 are playing in the background (totally random!). The staff know us a little already ;) and are always patient when we order in bad Chinese..and then all laugh about it.

As you can see the waffles were awesome. The conversation was too. It’s a date of sorts, and a real good end to a long week.

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