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Motherhood Sessions and my heart behind this project

As a Mom of two the connection between mother and child is close to my heart and everyday life. Motherhood is an incredible gift and one that I believe deserves to be documented! So that’s exactly what I have planned for April, 29. 

Moms, I know all too often we are the ones behind the lens, armed with our iPhones to ensure every family moment and milestone is captured. But I’d love to tell a little more of the story…I’d love to capture you too. So I set out on a journey with two sweet friends, to style a shoot that would be a celebration of motherhood just in time for Mother’s Day.

It would be my joy to capture a simple, sweet memory for you and your children to keep. These sessions are designed to document glimpses of motherhood in a timeless, classic portrait. Whether you’re a brand new Mom, expecting your first precious arrival or your kids are old enough to be parents themselves, this is for Mamas in every phase of life.

To be part of this celebration… here’s the details you need to know:

It’s simple, on the morning of April, 29 join me for a 20 minute styled session, in a beautiful little studio in Logan Square, you will receive a collection of 15 images (full resolution files, sent to you as a digital download to print as you please). Total cost: $90.

Space is limited so get in touch to book your spot! You can book by emailing me at or calling me on 312-800-3092

P.S Dads, if you would like to gift your mothers or wife with this session all your images would be ready to print and wrap for May, 14 (Hint hint its the prefect Mother’s Day gift ;) ).

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“But there’s a story behind everything. How a picture got on a wall. How a scar got on your face.
Sometimes the stories are simple, and sometimes they are hard and heartbreaking.
But behind all your stories is always your mother’s story, because hers is where yours begin.”
-Mitch Albom


Life with Two

norah2 norah5 norah12 norah8 norah10 norah15norah13norah4

So I’ve been meaning to post these photos for hmmmm about 2 months now, but each time I get started, it’s time to change a diaper or nurse again or take someone to the park…or let’s face it just lie down!! I guess we’ve also moved apartments (wooho!), been exploring our new neighborhood and had great visits with family along the way. It’s been a fun whirlwind really. Anyway I’ve made a pot of coffee for the day (this first mug will probably get reheated about four times), we are picking my sweet friend up at the airport in a few hours and I’m determined to do this!

This is the f-o-u-r of us in the hospital, the day after Norah was born and my has she grown so much already. You blink and suddenly they’re 8 weeks old. Norah was born so tiny and fragile and already has got so squishy! I love it! Of course I have a thousand photos on my phone which I can’t wait to post…some day.

Despite a few crazy nights spent nursing and putting toddlers to bed, we go to sleep thankful each evening, resting in His goodness. There’s been lots of changes around here and I’m really excited about this new season we find ourselves in. I can’t wait to see what God is going to teach us here in our new neighborhood as a family of four.

So heres’s Norah’s latest and filed under things I never want to forget about our girl:

baby girl you love your sleep (and I really appreciate that ;) )

your sister is your number one fan and protector

you’re so easy going and love napping all over the city

your eyes are getting bluer and your belly’s getting rounder

you love being swaddled even tho its been kinda too hot for that around here!

you have the cutest angel kiss over your left eye and a sweet stork bite on the back of your head

you love lying on your tummy and rarely take that paci

we just love your sweet coos and baby smell

Norah Joy you are growing and you are wonderful!



Happy Mother’s Day

MothersDay3‘Motherhood is not for the meek, weak, selfish, tired, or unorganized and yet … here I am.’

Woooho it’s my FIRST Mother’s Day and I have a feeling it’s gonna be wonderful! There are so many little things I love about where I am right now in my life that I kind of want to just pause everything and stay here a little while…I can’t count how many times throughout our days together that little Summer has reminded me of how blessed we are. And I get butterflies of excitement in my stomach just thinking about all the good stuff to come!

So happy Mother’s Day to all you fabulous mothers, motherly figures and mammas to be… and a special shout out to my own beautiful mother and mother-in-law who we love very much. I’m so grateful for all you do for us.

Hope everyone gets a back rub or homemade card or a chance to sleep in (go on Summer;)!!!!!!
Happy Mother’s Day!

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All photos by the lovely Janine. You can see her blog post here.

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