Dancing in the Park

Apologies, this is one over-loaded photo post…I’ve been a little pre-occupied recently! The end of year craziness took over, I have just finished exam results (yay) and final classes and parties are finished!! In celebration, tomorrow we hit the road, head to the airport and fly to Singapore for one week-long family reunion.

So…where was I…dancing in the park!? Once upon a time, a couple of Saturdays ago Phil and I went for an evening walk to dinner. Well first we took a motorcycle taxi to a local park and found the place where everyone goes on Saturday night, it was buzzing!! Hundreds of folks had gathered to dance, exercise, play with their families and catch up with friends.

As we walked through I was spun around on the dance floor, ballroom style. I who have little coordination found this quite tricky ;) However, my teacher for the evening was quite determined as a crowd gathered, watching the foreigner try and learn 1, 2, 3, 4…it was well photographed (not only by a laughing Phil!)!!

We promised to come back and see our friends again! They really were the sweetest…

The night ended with one spicy fish soup with some great conversation. This city of ours feels more and more wonderful with every new adventure.

Another successful Saturdate I would say.

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