Handmade Holiday

christmasdecorationschristmasdecorations2 christmasdecorations4 christmasdecorations6. So this year I’ve decided to try and make some of our Christmas gifts…hopefully making it a Christmas to remember and giving family and friends something a little more personal and meaningful! I guess we’re feeling extra thankful for being home this year.

I started with some salt-dough Christmas tree decorations, you seriously can’t go wrong with these, super easy and pretty inexpensive too, if you’re interested the instructions are below:)

Salt-dough recipe

1 cup of salt
1 cup of plain flour
1/2 cup of water

step one: mix the salt and flour together. Gradually add the water to a consistency like play dough (add more flour if too sticky and more water if too stiff).

step two: knead really well for about 5 minutes.

step three: roll out salt dough on a floured or nonstick surface. Use cookie cutters or cut out any shape you like. I kept it simple with hearts and stars and a few of Summer’s little hand-prints and footprints too.

step four: use a straw to make a hole if you wish to hang your decorations. I also used a personalized cookie stamp kit from StompStamps to write a few messages. Remember to slot them in reverse (I always tested it out first!).

step five: cook in a low heated oven for about 2-3 hours.

step six: You can paint away…l went for a white gloss and after spraying a few coats left to dry for 24 hours.

Summer and I enjoyed getting festive, drinking some coffee (or milk!) and crafting away but I’m sure this would be a good one for older kids or you Stranny Grannies out there ;)

enjoy Rx