Happy Friday with my students

WOW did you not just find this week has flown by!? With our second full week of classes under belt (Phil in Chinese and me in English) we are busy…great and busy! It is an exciting time for Kingdom of Hope. Our hunt for a new building continues, training for volunteers is coming to an end and the ‘Kingdom Builders’ children’s club started on Tuesday…watch this space…exciting stuff!

Anyway this is what my Friday looked like (well the morning at least!). It began with two classes of Tourism, lunch at the university, a taxi to the North campus and then another two classes of Oral English. Home by 5. Phew…I made it to the weekend!

Which brings me to this lovely cup tea with Le Le and the remains of some Dairy Milk chocolate from some awesome people in N.Ireland. Thank you.

Happy weekend everyone.

P.S I have some sweet new students this semester and some familiar faces from my last one. This morning we had some Show and Tell action…they are all the loveliest aren’t they!? :)

class8 showandtellclass4 studentsclass6 class12 class13 class10