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- How we met -


The day we met it was New Years Eve. He wore khaki trousers. I wore flared jeans. We played table tennis, talked all night and at sunrise walked along the beach. We were 16. On the way home my sister joked we would get married and on 18 August 2011 that’s exactly what we did.

Four months later we packed up, said some tearful goodbyes to family and friends and moved to China. That was two years ago. Since then we have made our home on the fourth floor of an apartment block in the city that we have come to love. Our favorite things to do are eat sushi, hang out with friends, watch movies, drink tea, take photos and visit NYC.


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On February 25th 2014, our beautiful daughter Summer Faith Adams was born, changing our world forever! What a blessing she is! You can read about her arrival here, here and here.


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