Just a minute from my Monday…

salad lele KOH smoothieMondays are getting a little c-r-a-z-y around here. Except tonight cause Phil is cooking dinner… yep you read that right, time to slow down, eat something amazing (I have high expectations for this meal!) and chat over stir-fry. That sounds perfect, doesn’t it?

This week I am…

Working on… end of year game shows in uni, final exams, emails (soooo behind), Summer plans for KOH, renovations, picking floors, tomorrows theme for Kingdom Builders…MUSIC!?! ehhh…

Listening to… John Mayer, Continuum (oldie but goodie!)

Eating… Mostly pretty healthy! It’s getting summery here so lots of fresh fruit, summer salads, home made smoothies annnnnd the occasional Chinese take away;)
Watching… (right now!?) Le Le chase her tail
Loving… having a cozy apartment, our new blender, hello smoothies, watching Phil learn Chinese, having breakfast and good coffee and thinking about this SUMMER.

Happy Monday x

Photos from Instagram 1. sweet students 2. huge salads and cappuccinos 3. Le Le being cute 4. Tuesday Learning Adventures 5. Woooho strawberry smoothies!