Life with Two

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So I’ve been meaning to post these photos for hmmmm about 2 months now, but each time I get started, it’s time to change a diaper or nurse again or take someone to the park…or let’s face it just lie down!! I guess we’ve also moved apartments (wooho!), been exploring our new neighborhood and had great visits with family along the way. It’s been a fun whirlwind really. Anyway I’ve made a pot of coffee for the day (this first mug will probably get reheated about four times), we are picking my sweet friend up at the airport in a few hours and I’m determined to do this!

This is the f-o-u-r of us in the hospital, the day after Norah was born and my has she grown so much already. You blink and suddenly they’re 8 weeks old. Norah was born so tiny and fragile and already has got so squishy! I love it! Of course I have a thousand photos on my phone which I can’t wait to post…some day.

Despite a few crazy nights spent nursing and putting toddlers to bed, we go to sleep thankful each evening, resting in His goodness. There’s been lots of changes around here and I’m really excited about this new season we find ourselves in. I can’t wait to see what God is going to teach us here in our new neighborhood as a family of four.

So heres’s Norah’s latest and filed under things I never want to forget about our girl:

baby girl you love your sleep (and I really appreciate that ;) )

your sister is your number one fan and protector

you’re so easy going and love napping all over the city

your eyes are getting bluer and your belly’s getting rounder

you love being swaddled even tho its been kinda too hot for that around here!

you have the cutest angel kiss over your left eye and a sweet stork bite on the back of your head

you love lying on your tummy and rarely take that paci

we just love your sweet coos and baby smell

Norah Joy you are growing and you are wonderful!