One Month

I have learned so many things this past month as I’ve become a mother. I’ve learned a lot about babies. I’ve learned a lot about my own baby girl. And I’ve learned a lot about myself too, how to function on a little less sleep (kind of) and type with one hand (kind of, again). I’ve learned that it’s ok to let other people help you… even if you think you can do it all on your own!! and I’ve learned how to let some things go and just sit beside my baby and take it all in.

This little girl is constantly growing and changing and she’s absolutely wonderful…my goodness one month looks good on you Summer.

Summer’s latest:
smells great
has the sweetest expressions
smiled in the bath this morning
sounds a little bit like a donkey when sleeping (very adorable)
…and loves being all wrapped up in the Solly, sleepin’ on people, snuggling in bed with Mum and Dad in the wee hours and bath time of course.

And finally a video to Summer…couldn’t have said it better myself!

Little one, today you turned one month old.

I’m exited for our journey ahead.

Don’t forget, you’re awake, you’re awesome

…and we’re really glad you’re here.