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A little Bunny’s First Birthday

I can’t believe Miss Summer turns one next month…ONE, how is that possible!!? We had the best time celebrating our little girl (a little early;) before we set sail, surrounded by family and friends! We went for a Peter Rabbit theme for the party as Summer is already a big book fan and the Maryville Tearooms was perfect with a touch of vintage decor! I got out our old jars and photo frames, bought some flowers, scattered a few photos and voila’! The Nanny’s baked cakes and made bunny shortbread and the cousins ate their weight in bunny tails (a.k.a marshmallows)! Summer loved every minute of it (well apart from the hat her Mum made her wear!). If only she’d remember! Thankfully we were able to capture some pretty sweet moments. Thanks to everyone who came with all their lovely gifts and made it so special.

birthday2birthdaybirthday25 birthday4birthday9 birthday7 birthday8 birthday12birthday26 birthday15 birthday13 birthday11birthday24 birthday20birthday23 birthday27birthday30Happy (early) first birthday little one!x


6 months. 6 of the best.

6morning 6monthtoesI can’t believe our little Miss Sunshine is already six months old! As much as it seems like the past 6 months have flown by, I can’t even remember what life was like without her. I know these are all the icky cliche things that all Mums say, but it’s genuinely how I feel so lets just roll with that! Summer is sitting up and starting solids and always finding a way to grab long hair when it’s in reach and pull it ever so hard (they really do start young at this, huh!!). She’s also travelled to 5 different countries, flown thousands of miles, met some wonderful people and always been such a trooper, my mama heart is so proud!

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your sloppy wet kisses all day, every day
early morning conversations in bed
the sparkle in your eyes when you see Sophie
your obsession with iPhones
the sound of that giggle
your curious and super sweet nature

She’s our little reminder to keep it positive around here and we love her for it. Summer baby you’re awesome. We love you.


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