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It’s BBQ Season


Yes, yes you can be jealous cause we have been enjoying our lovely 27ish degree weather recently!! June is here WOW. It feels officially like summer. June is the month for oral finals, planning end of year parties (which I’m not too sure is actually cool for a university student, but there you go!) and watching renovations take shape at the the children’s center. YAY.

Last week we had a little BBQ/ picnic combo and it was such a lovely night with the loveliest people and the prettiest backdrop.

bbq2theguys bbq14bbq p.s Check out my new completely fake Ray Bans, I picked these up at the market the other week…was actually shopping for a friend’s birthday present but hey I just couldn’t resist!!!
bbq15cherries bbq9 bbq10 bbq20

Here’s to BBQ Season! Have a great week…

Little Squares of lately Life

hill cupcake lele phil flowers birthday school bbq eudorafamilyphoto


Celebrating a Birthday…


This weekend we celebrated Phil’s birthday! It kicked off on Saturday with a surprise party, a few close friends and BBQ! Phil was an awfully good sport, giving in when I insisted on leaving at precisely 6.30…even thought we had ‘no plans that evening’! This restaurant is tucked away in a little side street in Korean town and is definitely one of our faves for a cosy atmosphere and great food! We booked one of the hot rooms, turned on those heated plates and cooked some good meat and wrapped it in lettuce with garlic and spices. It’s so goooood, trust me!

The next day Phil and I enjoyed a lazy morning with pancakes, chatting over breakfast. We had a few regulars over in the afternoon for some chocolate and red velvet cupcakes. I will admit these were a cake mix I had been saving for the occasion…totally worth it, thank you Betty Crocker! Instead of cream cheese frosting we enjoyed fresh cream…ha you gotta be a little resourceful!

bbq6 bbq1 bbq2bbq5 bbq7IMG_9325

Happy Birthday Phil Adams, love you.

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