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Just a Minute from my Monday…

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It’s been a while since I sat down on a Monday morning…so here goes! Last week Mum was here and it was lovely. We had coffees, late night chats and walks along the river. While I was teaching she was pretty wonderful in helping us move apartments in that Mummy way! The week kinda flew in. In fact all these weeks are flying by. Crazy to think there are only 6 weeks until Christmas!!!?! I don’t know how this year has disappeared so fast! With flying home for the holidays and spending some time with family and friends in the New Year our 2014 plans are shaping up already and I love how they’re looking so far!

This week I am…

Working on… finishing mid-term marking, emails (again soooo behind), last two weeks for KOH Builders, unpacking those last boxes and hanging some pictures on the wall!!

Listening to… Michael Buble’s Christmas album (I know it’s early but I’m just a big fan of the season!)

Eating… a little leftover chicken curry (thanks Mum!)

Watching… A Good Wife season 5

Loving… seeing the kids from KOH, discussing baby names with Phil, planning our 12 Dates of Christmas, counting down to Ireland, that strawberry season is on the horizon!

Happy Monday x

Photos from Instagram 1. mum and me, airport bound with coffee 2. a baby elephant for baby adams 3. Le Le being cute 4. spicy korean soup 5. my yellow yamaha fantasy


Little Squares of (not so) Lately Life

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apples and autumn

apples3So I kinda gave up on the ole’ blog for a while…things were busy…but we’re back:) New term, new season and a new chapter!

University is closed this week as it’s Golden Week (in celebration of October 1st 1949 the memorial day for the founding of the People’s Republic of China). Woooho! So today we drove out to the countryside with friends. It was a beautiful day. We took a boat ride along our border and picked apples along the way…far too many apples!!! but hey let the apple recipes begin:)

Which can only mean one thing, we are nearly at my favourite season in this city…autumn! Colourful leaves on the trees, chunky sweaters, big mugs of tea and Granny’s apple crumble (well unfortunately not Granny’s)!

…and let’s be honest with autumn here it means Christmas (my alllllll time fave) is basically around the corner! And this year it’s gonna be a pretty exciting one…in Ireland!
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