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Summer in the City // Lately

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  1. Feeling peachy tonight.
  2. Farmer’s market goodies from today.
  3. Cleaning while a little one naps.
  4. Hi there Dave! Friends flying in…
  5. Stars n’ Stripes.
  6. Bicycles and Coffee (best combo!).
  7. Happiest little camper with a watermelon.
  8. That Chicago Skyline.
  9. Bean there. Done that.
  10. Splash pads forever. Her fave.
  11. A tourist moment with the Shus.
  12. We heart Sunday afternoon naps.
  13. Evening strolls and family adventures.
  14. Tidy up time…again!!
  15. The recipe for true joy and contentment.

Summer’s new Space

Well, after 6 months, we did it…we moved out and gave Summer the bedroom ;) Living in a one bedroom apartment (with a one year old) definitely comes with a few challenges and we have been constantly changing things up, moving things around and trying to find the best fit for our little family. But I’ve had LOTS of fun making this new space of ours home! We know that years down the road we will talk about this tiny apartment with happy memories! I’m kinda pleased with how her room turned out, it’s been wonderful to see her play in the middle of the floor early in the morning or chill out in her cozy corner with a book after lunch! Knowing that the room is functional, fun, and pretty, makes it all worth it…

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Summer’s cozy new room…

  1. where she sleeps and a painting from Auntie Kirsty.
  2. wooden initials, her art collection and a promise from Psalms 91:4.
  3. little details: her first birthday present, tiny shoes and favourite books.
  4. her mustard cardigan that goes with everything and an Easter ‘basket’.
  5. book shelves and tiny woodland creatures.
  6. her reading nook and where we have the best tea parties.
  7. where we watch the world go by and the place she takes her phone calls.
  8. baskets for toy storage & easy clean up.
  9. our little library.
  10. 16 month old Summer, catching some afternoon zzzz.

Cinnamon Iced Coffee


How to add a little spice to your coffee (with a little help from my sous-chef Miss S:)

m a k e s  3  t o  4  c u p s

1/2 cup coffee beans, medium coarsely ground

3/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon

4 cups boiling water

1 cinnamon stick

ice cubes, for serving

heavy cream, for serving

Place the ground coffee and cinnamon in a French press coffee pot. Add the boiling water, stir, cover, and allow the coffee to steep for 4 minutes. Then insert the plunger and push it down. Transfer to a pitcher and add the cinnamon stick. Allow to cool, or refrigerate overnight. Serve over ice, adding cream or milk (I used almond milk…super yummy!) to taste.

2 45

* just one of the yummy recipes from ‘Sunday Suppers’ by Karen Mordechai

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