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Singapore in iPhone photos

airportLast week Phil and I went to Singapore for the big Thompson/Shu/Adams family reunion! We were super ready to see some familiar faces, eat some good food and enjoy a little corner of Asia together (despite that Haze!).adventure lightshow pooldayAs you can see the weather was pretty great (also pretty hot and humid). sisters phil topshopWe stayed close to Clarke Quay, and the girls enjoyed walking around Orchard Road, look them up if you’re in the area. :) ‘Topshop’ was there so it has a thumbs up from me!!dory lunchbikini peachybeachy obriensWe took a short day trip to Sentosa Island, the city’s popular resort getaway. The entire northern front is home to a Universal Studios Theme Park, however we hit the beach, enjoyed that O’Briens we had been dreaming about, went to the world class Aquarium and took the cable car home. Not bad, huh! nightview nightwalk dinner goodnightBetween the two of us I think we took a little over 300 photos. So I’ll probably have to post at least a few from the canon…;)

We loved catching up with the family and had the best time! Thanks Singapore!
ps. These photos are edited with vsco and a beautiful mess app.


It’s BBQ Season


Yes, yes you can be jealous cause we have been enjoying our lovely 27ish degree weather recently!! June is here WOW. It feels officially like summer. June is the month for oral finals, planning end of year parties (which I’m not too sure is actually cool for a university student, but there you go!) and watching renovations take shape at the the children’s center. YAY.

Last week we had a little BBQ/ picnic combo and it was such a lovely night with the loveliest people and the prettiest backdrop.

bbq2theguys bbq14bbq p.s Check out my new completely fake Ray Bans, I picked these up at the market the other week…was actually shopping for a friend’s birthday present but hey I just couldn’t resist!!!
bbq15cherries bbq9 bbq10 bbq20

Here’s to BBQ Season! Have a great week…


A day in the Life: The Market

It took us a year to do it, but we’ve started to use that kitchen of ours for a little more than toast!;)

peekaboofreshvegamountaingreenveg IMG_0220hotstuff

There’s markets practically on every corner in this city. The fresh fruit and veg are amazing, like these awesome strawberries!! Sometimes you can walk past and not even notice the colourful spots of indoor treats but when you do it’s amazing what you can find. During the summer months they can smell a little funky but I’m enjoying the challenge of searching for some ingredients that we actually recognize and making some dishes from scratch (who knew I must have used Uncle Ben’s sauces all the time)!

Hope you have a great week!

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