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Getting a glimpse of the person God is creating…

anniversary7 anniversary6 anniversary9 anniversary1 anniversary anniversary2 anniversary3 anniversary4 anniversary8I shared this quote on Instagram earlier and I kinda LOVE it, “Within this Christian vision for marriage, here’s what it means to fall in love. It is to look at another person and get a glimpse of the person God is creating, and to say, “I see who God is making you, and it excites me! I want to be part of that. I want to partner with you, and God in the journey you are taking to his throne.” And when we get there, I will look at your magnificence and say, “I always knew you could be like this. I got glimpses of it on earth, but now look at you!” Each spouse should see the great thing that Jesus is dong in the life of their mate through the Word, the gospel. Each spouse then should give him or herself to be a vehicle for that work and envision the day that you will stand together before God, seeing each other presented in spotless beauty and glory.”   Tim Keller’s book The Meaning of Marriage

How beautiful is that? I want that. I am a part of Phil’s journey and he is a part of mine. We realized, over the past 4 years we have never been in the same country for our Anniversary, the 18 August for us started in Ireland, the next year we woke up in N.Korea, then China, we were unexpectedly in Singapore for our third and last Tuesday we celebrated our 4th year of marriage in Millennium Park! It’s been a crazy journey so far but I am so grateful that on that day 4 years ago, I stood beside my very best friend and said ‘yes’…praying for a hundred more just as wonderful as these last 4. Happy Anniversary Phil xx


Here’s a link to last year’s post, cause’ it’s one of my faves! ;)


To the Beach

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We figured a little get away at the end of our Summer would be most rewarding for us as a family. And it really was. We just got back from a few days at the beach, where we got to play in the sand, swim every morning in the salty sea and enjoy a great ice-cream or two. The weather was kinda perfect. Summer helped her Daddy dig and build castles with that little red shovel and we went through just a few cans of sun spray! It was super fun watching Summer experience her first beach holiday! My 17 months is such a fun stage, Summer’s learning new things all the time and chatting away as sweet toddlers do…

As we got back to Chicago I felt a real sense of gratitude. Feeling at home refreshed and recharged for another semester ahead. It was good to get away and it was good to be home.


An evening at the Beach

These Summer nights have been so beautiful in Chicago, staying up late with Nanny and Granda, eating lots of ice cream, playing in the sand…all the good stuff! This was us on our last evening with Phil’s parents, walking along that Lake until dark, soaking in every last drop of precious moments with family. We sure do love summertime in the city!


…and we sure do love that face!!!

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