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Along for the Ride: Part 1

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In celebration of this beautiful weather, we resurrected Phil’s bike from its shed and took the Chihuahua for her first spin! About 20 minutes from the busy city which we call home, past this part of the Great Wall we found a little dirt road, which was just the perfect spot to desert a bike and take a walk. Le Le loved the new found freedom, until some of the locals showed up and perhaps were a little jealous of her diamond collar;)…if you seen them you would understand why she was quite relieved when Phil came the rescue!

We also met a kind farmer along the way who sent us home with some fresh herbs and an invite back next week, when the cherry blossoms would be out in full force. So that’s what we did (hence part 2).

To be continued.

P.S Happy Friday!

Little Squares of Lately Life

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Walking the Wall



I love that we live 15 minutes away from this part of the Great Wall, it was originally built by the Ming Dynasty (1367-1644) and is known by locals as ‘Tiger Mountain’. So when friends visit, the weather is good or we want a little quiet this is where we head.

Last week we had friends come and go. Mike and Rachel joined us on Sunday (despite the extra snow!!) for the end of the New Year festivities. It was awesome to hear those Northern Irish accents again, needless to say lots of Nambarrie tea was drunk and good times had. We also had a visit from a lovely boy named James and welcomed Lu Lu to the family…will explain later!

This week also seen a rise in temperature. YAY! Northern China has all four seasons and they arrive with a vengeance. Summer and winter temperatures can reach extremes of over 40 degrees celsius and -20 degrees celsius. I am patiently waiting for Spring to arrive and those Cherry blossoms to bloom.

Friday morning, however, was beautifully clear and crisp; a perfect day for walking the Wall.

mikeandrach philatthewall

Some seriously amazing views over the border and chatting going on from the boys…;)

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