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Today marks three years of marriage and my has it been a crazy three years…

…we made home in China, we traveled, we began to learn a language, we had a baby, we taught but mostly we learnt. I can’t imagine a better 3 years. It has been good to look back and remind myself of all the adventures, the trials, the laughs and the tears that we have shared together. Although there have been many changes around us, our marriage has been constant and for that I am thankful.

So tomorrow night we plan to celebrate over dinner and clink our glasses in Singapore…

Happy Anniversary Phil xx

p.s Some thoughts on marriage here and a post from last year here.


A Celebration


Don’t you just love weddings??! Last Thursday at precisely 11.28am we celebrated as sweet Paul and Grace tied the knot…The ceremony was as different as you can imagine really and took place here at a local hotel. We were pretty excited (as you can see in the obligatory pre-wedding pic!), not only was this our first Chinese wedding but also the first one we have been to together since our own! Here’s a few snapshots of our morning…
weddingsweepers weddingwedding10Grace had a total of 3 dress changes in the first hour…impressive huh! The bride generally picks red (following Chinese tradition) or white (more Western), Grace went for two white and a hot pink instead, cause she’s cool like that!philandpaulwedding3Fave moment: To mark the beginning of the ceremony, Paul serenaded his future wife and Grace finished with a sweet song as she walked up the center of the room.…
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Toasting the happy couple…Congratulations you guys!

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