The Lovell Family

We’ve had the pleasure of knowing this family since we arrived in a snowy Chicago almost two years ago. Megan and I first got to know each other at a Mom’s group and since then our girls have become the sweetest BFF’s. The hand holding, fight like they’re your sister kind!

We spent Saturday morning walking around Humboldt park, admiring all the Fall leaves and ducking the birds (sorry Megan!). The weather has been amazing and what better way to enjoy it, than with a lil’ photo shoot!?! It might have ended with pie too, so I’d say it was a pretty good Saturday!

lovells12uplovells13up lovells10uplovells1uplovells24up lovells15upBabies hand holding! So sweet!! Love capturing all these little details, I guess they are easy to forget, and often hard to document day to day but they’re the ones I sometimes treasure the most…

lovells4up lovells6up lovells20uplovells23uplovells26up lovells25up

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